Career Ready

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J K Business Services is pleased to announce their connection with West Lothian Council’s Career Ready programme for school leavers.

This programme helps senior pupils make informed career choices and gives them access to real experience through mentoring.

Since enrolling in this scheme last year, J K were proud to accept Danni Moyesas the first young person to take part in the internship part of the scheme.

Danni will work alongside Director, Jo Simpson, during this two year long programme building up confidence, experience, aspirations and expectations of a working life once she leaves school.

Jo Simpson said, “When J K Business Services were asked to offer an internship to a young person, we had no hesitation in offering this. Having already been involved in the scheme with West Lothian Council, we felt that we could offer up a placement to a young person and help them find their way in the next part of their journey into working life.  One of the other aspects of the programme we are looking at is to provide money handling advice to young people within Broxburn Academy”.

Danni was eager to learn and already had good creative skills which we tapped into to set her some daily and weekly goals. She quickly built up confidence and by the end of her placement was able to present to West Lothian Council without much hesitation.

Danni herself said “I was a bit nervous meeting everyone at first but they made me feel really welcome and Jo supported me along the way. I also felt really nervous during my presentation but once I had started it was good.  Jo has also offered to be my mentor for the next year and I am really looking forward to continuing working with her”.

During Danni’s presentation, she raised a smile from the group when she stated that the she now understood what her mum meant when she said she was exhausted after Danni thought she ‘only sat at a computer all day’…

Jo Simpson added “If any employer out there was considering supporting a young person on their transitional journey between school and working life, I would definitely recommend it. The satisfaction you get knowing that you have helped make a lasting impact on the young person’s life and helping them build their own confidence is very rewarding.”

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